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PREMIUM BATTERIES, is a generic brand of world class branded button and coin cell batteries from leading manufacturers. Only the highest grade of brands are used, Japanese brands including; Sony, Panasonic, Maxell, Seizaiken (Seiko), and Toshiba. By drawing from more than one manufacturer, Premium Batteries is able to offer an incredibly extensive, high quality product line at discounted prices. We use high quality packaging materials, made in USA locally at our facility to ensure prompt delivery.

Our company has over 24 years of experience packaging micro batteries.

Read what people like you have to say about Premium Batteries.

Excellent communication along with fast shipping. This is the perfect site to purchase my hearing aid batteries. Thank you for your service.

Michelle K.

Excellent in every way: price, quality, and shipping performance are all superior.

John E.

Just recently ordered 4 boxes of hearing aid batteries from this company. The order was effortless, and it came quickly and without fuss.

Gilbert M.