Alkaline Button Batteries

Product details

The Premium button battery is a compact, light and economical alkaline battery with a nominal voltage of 1.5V. The LR (alkaline) battery is less expensive than SR (silver oxide) batteries and is practical for a wide variety of portable electronics, ranging from calculators to small toys to lighted key chains. Premium based on many years of experience and know-how in the field of silver oxide batteries, the LR battery boasts high quality and high reliability.

  • Features

    • Excellent cost-performance. Unlike silver oxide batteries that use the precious metal, silver, alkaline batteries feature good cost-performance because they use low-cost manganese dioxide as its active material.
    • Superior leakage resistance. Like silver oxide batteries, the LR battery is manufactured using Maxell's original leak-resistant processing that suppresses the electrolyte from rising up and seeping out — a common phenomenon of alkaline electrolytes.
    • Excellent heavy load characteristics. The LR battery offers excellent heavy load characteristics and employs a separator featuring low internal resistance, good liquid holding properties and high-drain characteristics.

The button-type alkaline battery uses manganese dioxide (MnO2) as its positive active material and zinc (Zn) as its negative active material. Potassium hydroxide (KOH) is used as an electrolyte.


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Model No. J I S Cross Reference Nominal
Voltage (v)
Current (mA)
Capacity (mAh)
D x H (mm)
LR1120 LR55 191, AG8, L1121, G8, V8GA 1.5 0.07 25 LR1120 0.79
LR1130 LR541 189, AG12, L1131, G10, V10GA 1.5 0.10 40 LR1130 1.05
LR41 LR41 192, AG3, L726, G3, V3GA 1.5 0.07 25 LR41 0.60
LR43 LR43 186, AG12, L1142, G12, V12GA 1.5 0.12 70 LR43 1.45
LR44 LR44 A76, AG13, L1154, G13, V13GA 1.5 0.12 105 LR44 1.90
LR50   PC1A, PX1A, LR50, PX1, A1PX 1.5   600 16 x 16.5  
4LR44 4LR44 PX28A, A544, L1325, PX28L P4034PX 6.0 0.12 118 12.8 x 25.1 9.20
A625 LR91 PX625 1.5     15.4 x 6.2 3.00
A23G   23A, V23GA, MS21/MN21 12.0     10.15 x 28.3 7.95
A27G   27A, MN27 12.0     7.9 x 28 4.90
N Cell LR11 E90, 910A 1.5     12 x 30.2 9.00

1IEC Standards

*Disclaimer: Whenever possible we strive to utilize the best quality brands for each model. Limited exceptions occur for very minor models which may not be available from any first rate manufacturer.

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