Zinc Air Batteries

Product details

Miniature zinc air batteries are primarily designed to provide power to eyeglass, behind-the-ear, and in-the-ear miniature hearing aids. In most hearing aid applications, zinc air batteries can be directly substituted for silver oxide or mercuric oxide batteries and will typically give the longest hearing aid service of any common battery system.

  • The general characteristics are

    Highest capacity-to-volume ratio for miniature batteries.. Relatively flat discharge curve. More stable voltage at high currents than mercuric oxide or silver oxide miniature batteries. Essentially constant internal resistance. Activated by removing covering (adhesive backed tab) from air access hole. Most effective in applications that consume battery capacity in a few weeks. Must have access to air (oxygen) to operate. Nominal voltage of 1.4 Excellent service maintenance prior to tab removal. Available in common hearing aid battery sizes.

  • Battery Construction

    The electrodes in "Air Cell" batteries are gelled zinc powder anodes and catalyzed carbon cathodes. A hole in the battery container allows oxygen from the air to enter the cathode and be reduced on the carbon surface. At the same time, the zinc in the anode is oxidized in the same way as in a miniature mercuric oxide or silver oxide battery. A cutaway of an "Air Cell" battery is illustrated in the following diagram:

    Zinc Air
    • Cathodes are catalyzed carbon which reduce oxygen from the air.
    • Anodes are a gelled mixture of amalgamated zinc powder and electrolyte.
    • Electrolyte is a highly conductive solution of KOH in water.
    • Separators are materials specially selected to prevent migration of solid particles between the electrodes.
    • Insulating and sealing gaskets are molded nylon.
    • Exterior battery surfaces of nickel are used to resist corrosion and to insure good electrical contact.


Name Type Capacity*
( mAh )
10/A10 Button 100 1.4 1000 7005ZD PR70 0.31 5.8 3.6
312/A312 Button 180 1.4 560 7002ZD PR41 0.52 7.9 3.6
13/A13 Button 300 1.4 330 7000ZD PR48 0.83 7.9 5.4
675/A675 Button 630 1.4 150 7003ZD PR44 1.82 11.6 5.4

*Disclaimer: Whenever possible we strive to utilize the best quality brands for each model. Limited exceptions occur for very minor models which may not be available from any first rate manufacturer.

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